Pre-Built Coils

Selection of Pre-Built Coils

Box of coils consists of:

  • Tiger Coil: Kanthal A1 26G wrapped with 0.2*0.8mm wire
  • Mix Twisted Coil: With Kanthal A1 26G and 0.2*0.8mm wire twisted together
  • Flat Twisted Coil: Double 0.2*0.8mm flat wires twisted coil
  • Clapton Coil: Kanthal A1 26G wrapped with 32G wire
  • Alien Coil: Kanthal 0.3*0.8mm wire wrapped with 32G wire
  • Fused Clapton Coil: 2 Kanthal A1 28G wrapped with 32G coil
  • Quad Coil: 4 Kanthal A1 28G wires twisted coil
  • Hive Coil: 2* Kanthal A1 30 Gauge Twisted Wire coil