Vape Craft Merlin's Mixes

Merlin’s Mixes


  • Strawberry Dream – Candy strawberry lace with soft red fruits and a hint of cream.
  • Special Liqueur – Rich kaluha cream, vanilla bean, ice cream and cinnamon biscuits.
  • Fruity Trip – Exotic fruit with red berries and spun sugar.
  • Vapeccino – Smooth coffee with caramel and cream.
  • Camelot Crumble – Spiced apples with a sweet crumble.
  • Black Magic – Fresh blackberry and blackcurrent with a magical menthol hit.
  • The Sorcerers Lemon Drizzle – Delicious lemon drizzle cake with fresh vanilla cream.
  • Mystic Blue – Blueberry lemonade with sweet fruits.
  • Golden Oats
  • Cuban Knights – Cuban cigar with bourbon and sweet pear.
  • Higland Blend – Whiskey, blended tobacco with a hint of citrus.
  • Clandalf – Sweet blended pipe tobacco.